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Moving Tips

Moving soon? Stortropolis Self-Storage has four storage facilities in the Kansas City area to help you organize your belongings. We are experienced in helping our tenants move, and we are equipped with all the features necessary for your items. You can even save on storage when you refer a friend to Stortropolis Self-Storage. This year, large numbers were moving away from the city, especially at the start of the pandemic. We looked at some of the reasons people were moving. Why City Residents Left Town During the Pandemic Cost of Living. New York, Chicago, and San Francisco saw the most people move away in the beginning of the pandemic. Coincidentally, they are also some of the most expensive cities to live in. Proximity to Family and Friends. When state governments started imposing restrictions and lockdowns, many people were nervous about when they would be able to see their families again and their safety. Some decided to temporarily move in with family or friends for support. Safety Precautions. Crowded cities can be a difficult environment for social distancing. Some chose to leave the city for their own safety, especially if they happened to be immunocompromised. Stortropolis Self-Storage’s Refer a Friend Deal Looking for a new home? Stortropolis Self-Storage can help you move by providing secure and affordable storage to house your items as you settle in. We have four self storage facilities around Kansas City for you to choose from: Blue Springs, Brighton, Shawnee, and Tiffany Springs. All our storage units are climate controlled to give your items the best possible care. Call or stop by the Stortropolis Self-Storage facility closest to you to talk to a professional about what we can do for you, and refer a friend to each get $50 off your rental. Or rent your Kansas City storage online! ...

February 23rd, 2021

StorTropolis Self-Storage: Indoor Self Storage for Shawnee KS

Self Storage

Is your home starting to feel cluttered? After being cooped up in the house for so long, it is understandable if much of your living space has been taken over by work. It is difficult to separate work from home when they occur in the same space. Declutter your home with affordable interior storage from StorTropolis Self-Storage in Shawnee KS. We are just off Shawnee Mission Parkway and are easily accessible from West Kansas City neighborhoods. Call or visit our office on 66th Terrace with any questions! About StorTropolis Self-Storage in Shawnee KS Located 25 minutes from downtown Kansas City, our storage facility in Shawnee has the space and vehicle storage you need to get organized. Rent one of our climate-controlled storage units to hold your valuables long-term, so they can stay secure without taking up space in your attic or basement. Or load your RV into our indoor parking spaces. Not only will your items stay in pristine condition, but our trusted security features provide peace of mind for you. Self storage can literally take a load off you, so why not rent your own storage unit today? StorTropolis Self-Storage on 66th Terrace is right off Shawnee Mission Parkway in Zarah. We are right in the middle of I-435 and Highway 7 for quick north and south access. Our storage facility best serves nearby Zarah, Shawnee, Craig, and Lenexa residents and businesses. Climate Controlled Storage Your storage will not get much greater protection than our climate-controlled storage facility. StorTropolis Self-Storage offers up to 300 square feet of space to hold your most fragile possessions, and our drive-up entry options make unloading your large loads easy. Climate control is especially important for items like antiques and wooden furniture that are sensitive to temperature and humidity fluctuations. Rent Your Storage Online We make finding affordable self storage near you as easy as possible. You can now rent or reserve your Shawnee KS storage online, completely contact-free. Call our office to talk to an expert about the ...

February 11th, 2021

Holiday Decoration Storage Tips

Storage Tips

With December here and gone, so should be your holiday decorations—but we don’t blame you if you have not gotten around to it yet. Stortropolis Self Storage is here to help make that task a little easier to tackle. We have four storage facilities around Kansas City MO, so no matter where you are in the city, there is a Stortropolis location convenient for you. Start organizing your space today by renting storage online. And check out tips below on how to begin packing. Wrap Up Your Ornaments Well The ornaments we put on our trees are usually the same ones we decorate with every year. They have sentimental value, but they are also some of the most breakable holiday decorations. Ensure they make it to next year by providing ample padding in the box with them. Wrap up glass and other ornaments individually, and then put them in the box with the rest. From there, include newspaper or bubble wrap to fill in the extra space so the ornaments cannot move around and break each other. Keep Your Wrapping Supplies All Together Pack all your wrapping supplies together so you can easily find it next year. If you store it in a storage unit, make sure its container will keep out moisture to keep the paper products intact. Secure Holiday Decoration Storage Near Kansas City MO Four self storage facilities give Kansas City MO residents a massive selection of climate-controlled storage units and indoor parking spaces. Our facilities are on Jefferson Street in Blue Springs MO, Brighton Avenue in Kansas City MO, 66th Terrace in Shawnee KS, and 88th Street in Kansas City MO. We serve local residents and businesses. Start storing with Stortropolis today by renting online! Blue Springs MO · Brighton MO · Shawnee KS · Tiffany Springs MO ...

January 13th, 2021

Tips for Vehicle Storage in the Winter

Winter Storage

Do you need to store your vehicle away for the winter? Whether your car is unequipped to handle winter roads or you need a safe place for your out-of-season recreational vehicles, StorTropolis can help you find the right storage. We have four self storage facilities around Kansas City and offer drive-up storage units and parking spaces for your vehicles. Start storing with StorTropolis today! Wash & Wax Regardless of whether your vehicle is used often or rarely used, give it a good cleaning before putting it into storage. Taking the time to scrub off dirt will protect the paint in the long run. Be sure to put a coat of wax on top to prevent any scratches while in storage. In addition to cleaning the outside, you should also spend time cleaning the inside of your car. Get rid of any trash cluttering your vehicle, and vacuum up crumbs that have accumulated over time. These can attract pests, and you want your storage critter-free. Add Gas & Oil When storing for a long period of time, you need to take extra precautions for your vehicle. Filling the gas tank is the best way to prevent moisture buildup in the tank. Adding stabilizer will also help. Another step to take is changing your oil, particularly if your vehicle will be in storage for more than three months. Winter Vehicle Storage from StorTropolis We are Kansas City’s choice for self storage! StorTropolis has four locations around the city in both Missouri and Kansas. No matter where you are, we have storage that can help you get organized. Our expert staff members can assist you in determining the right features and size storage unit for your situation. Check out our storage solutions online through our contactless storage rentals, or stop by the facility closest to you to get started! You can rent or reserve online today! ...

December 14th, 2020

The Salvation Army Needs Your Help This Holiday Season

In Our Community

During a normal year, the holiday season can be tough for some families. In a year of unpredictability, large numbers of people across the country will be facing food and housing insecurity. People have lost their jobs, and businesses have closed, leaving a lot of people newly unemployed and in financial distress. The Salvation Army offers programs year-round to support neighbors with bills, groceries, and other assistance. What Holiday Programs Benefit Kansas City MO? The Salvation Army in Missouri is planning on serving about 4,500 food boxes for Christmas. Other food programs include assisting with buying groceries and distributing holiday meals. And when families are unable to make payments on some of their monthly expenses, The Salvation Army can help with paying bills. It provides many necessary services to our community’s most vulnerable members. But it needs the help of the whole community, this year especially, to make sure its programs can support all those who need it. The Salvation Army is expecting up to 155% more people needing its services this year. And since it is reducing the amount of red kettles out to collect donations this holiday season, it really needs extra support. Please consider donating to The Salvation Army through your closest Stortropolis Self-Storage location. Storing with Stortropolis Self-Storage With four locations around Kansas City MO, Stortropolis Self-Storage is your best choice for convenient storage near you. We have two facilities north of the city and one to the east. Our fourth sits across the Missouri-Kansas border. They all offer state-of-the-art climate-controlled storage units that are easily accessible from wherever you are around Kansas City. Our experts are happy to help you determine what kind of storage would work best for your current needs. Stop by or call one of our offices with any questions. Rent your next storage online here! ...

November 29th, 2020

Boxes and More Storage Supplies for Sale!

Storage Supplies

Do you know where the best place is to rent self storage around Kansas City MO? Stortropolis Self-Storage! With four locations around the city equipped with storage units and storage supplies, Stortropolis is your one-stop storage destination. Find the location closest to you to get started! 1. Keep Storage Supplies Handy for Packing You do not have to lose your scissors and tape every time you attempt to pack up a room. We know they usually get lost in the chaos, but there is a way to keep them in sight. Put together a bag of tools and storage supplies necessary for packing, so you can always access it easily when you need it. To stock up on storage supplies, swing by one of our office locations! During October, a percentage of your storage supplies sale will be donated to Susan G. Komen to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month and everyone who has been affected by the disease. 2. Pack Boxes in an Organized Fashion (Your Way) The best way to pack is your way. Come up with a packing system that makes sense to you. Then implement your plan and stick to it. Some people choose to label their boxes with the room and contents. Other people may write all the contents in a notebook and color code the boxes to differentiate them. It does not matter how you choose to do this step. It just matters that it helps you remember where your items are. Finding Storage Supplies at Stortropolis Self-Storage Do you live or work in the Kansas City area? Stortropolis Self-Storage has four locations close to you that offer storage units and storage supplies to the community. Our self storage units are temperature controlled, and you can rent yours online now. First, browse the available storage units at the location nearest to you! Blue Springs MO · Brighton MO · Shawnee KS · Tiffany Springs MO ...

October 22nd, 2020

Kansas City MO Commercial Storage

Business Storage

Do you own a Kansas City MO business? Let StorTropolis Self Storage help you take your business to the next level with our commercial storage solutions. We have four locations around Kansas City MO with three in Missouri and one in Shawnee KS. Find the location closest to you to start organizing your business! Renting Commercial Storage with StorTropolis Self Storage Climate-Controlled Storage Units Climate control is the ultimate security feature in self storage. Not only are your items safe inside a state-of-the-art facility, but they are also protected against damage. Fluctuations in temperature, as well as extreme temperature, can potentially cause rust, mold, mildew, and misshaping. Avoid all of that with climate-controlled storage from StorTropolis Self Storage. Contactless Storage Rentals Ready to store? When you know what kind of storage you wish to store, you can rent or reserve it. Renting allows you to move in immediately upon completing the transaction. Reserving retains a specific storage option and size for a determined future move-in date. It requires no obligations or credit card information, but you need to complete the payment before your move-in date. What Is Commonly Stored in Commercial Storage? Documents Business Inventory Tools and Mechanical Parts Office Furniture Office Supplies Businesses use self storage in a lot of different ways. You can store for a few months to organize your business during a move or remodel, or choose to store long-term. Some business owners use storage units as their primary storage for inventory, equipment and documents. Renting Commercial Storage Near Kansas City MO Which StorTropolis Self Storage facility is closest to your Kansas City MO business? In Missouri, our three locations are on North Brighton Ave and Northwest 88th Street in Kansas City and Northwest Jefferson Street in Blue Springs. Across the state border in Shawnee KS is our fourth facility. Rent or reserve your storage solution with StorTropolis Self Storage. ...

September 24th, 2020

Find Boat and RV Storage

Self Storage

You do not always have room for your extra vehicles around your apartment or house, but that does not mean you have to live without them. StorTropolis Self-Storage has four convenient locations in the Greater Kansas City MO area that offer indoor boat and RV storage. Keep your most prized possessions covered and protected during winter months! RV Sizes Class A These are the largest RVs. They can fit multiple people and usually include amenities that you would find in a house. Class A RVs can be up to 45 feet long and usually need to be stored in a specified RV storage facility. Class B The smallest RVs are Class B. They are the size of vans with the camper part usually built onto the back. Class B RVs can be up to 30 feet long. Class C Class C RVs can also be up to 30 feet. They are usually a little larger than Class Bs and include a lot of the amenities of a Class A. Prepping RV for Storage Wash your RV. Inside and out. Dust and dirt will stick to an already-dirty vehicle. And you do not want bugs, critters, or mold finding their way into your cabinets because of crumbs or leftover food. Inflate your tires. Cold air pressure can deflate them throughout the winter. Tank care. Properly clean through your septic and freshwater tanks to disinfect them and wash them out. Lubricate moving parts. Cover RV and tired with a breathable cover if you are storing outside. Prepping Boat for Storage Remove fluids and add an antifreeze product. Also drain anywhere else that would have water stored, such as a shower and hoses. Remove the transom drain plug. StorTropolis Self-Storage Boat and RV Storage All StorTropolis Self-Storage locations have indoor boat and RV storage close to Kansas City MO. Our Blue Springs MO facility offers indoor parking up to 14x50 feet, while the other three offer parking up to 12x40 feet. If you need help determining the right size storage unit for what you are looking to store, ...

September 3rd, 2020

Storage Unit Size Guide: Small, Medium or Large Storage Units

Self Storage

Which storage unit is the right size for your move? StorTropolis Self-Storage has the solutions, locations, and storage units to make this decision easy. The goal is to have enough space that your valuables in storage are safe and have room but you don't want to much space that it is a strain on the budget. Our 4 storage facilities in Kansas City, MO, Shawnee, KS, and Blue Springs, MO have the answers you want when renting storage. Learn whether large storage units are more suitable for your move a something small will work with our size guide. Small Storage Units: 5x5 & 5x10 A small storage unit offers enough room for a few pieces of furniture or boxes. Whether storing your business needs or your household belongings StorTropolis Self-Storage is ready to help. These storage spaces are great for seasonal needs as well! Store boxes of clothing or your inventory for the busy season. Medium Storage Units: 10x10 & 10x15 Offering a little more space suitable for 1 to 3 bedrooms the medium storage units have around 100 square feet. There is room to store a mattress, bed frame, even a dresser or two in a medium storage unit. Large Storage Units: 10x20 & 10x30 Store the whole house, all your furniture, and seasonal items in a large storage unit! There is plenty of room to keep your most prized possessions safe while you move or stage the house or when the business is growing faster then your office space can keep up. Rent Now! Storing with StorTropolis Self-Storage is simple with our contactless storage rentals. Choose a storage facility near you, then select a large storage unit or small storage space online and start moving in. You can complete the entire rental online, everything from choosing a storage unit to signing the lease and getting your gate code. Get started today! ...

August 24th, 2020

Making Space For Your Home Office & Home Gym

Self Storage

Is your home office feeling cramped? Maybe you need to make a home office space suitable for you, your spouse, and the kids. StorTropolis Self-Storage can help with this! Our storage facilities in Kansas City, Blue Springs, MO and Shawnee, KS can help you make space for your at-home workout area or productive work area. Find self storage near you now online and start storing your items to get ready for your summer plans. Making a Home Office Remove distractions by storing extra items. Use self storage to keep your business organized. Store documents with StorTropolis Self-Storage. Comfort is important so make a spot to take a break or for the occasional visitor. Make a shared space spacious. Making Your Home Gym Combine work and play - convert your basement into an office and at-home fitness center. Make it spacious for exercises that need a little more room. Convert your outdoor space, shed, or garage into the ideal exercise area. Clear one wall in your home gym to stay organized with your workout plan. Renting Online Ready to store? Choose a storage unit at a StorTropolis Self-Storage facility near you and rent online. Our high quality storage units are ready to rent now! Talk with our team on site or rent your storage space online. Get organized for work and stay healthy this summer with your at-home office and fitness center layout ...

July 2nd, 2020

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