A Guide to College Storage Mistakes

The end of a semester can be a frenzied and uncertain time. Students have just finished their exams, and they are now faced with the task of heading home and securing a summer job or internship. It is no surprise securing self-storage would be one of the last things on their minds. Luckily, Stortropolis Self-Storage is here to help offering affordable state college storage units to the Kansas and Missouri areas. Read more below to learn of some helpful tips when considering college storage options.
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3 College Student Storage Tips

Avoid Overpacking Your Unit – Sell or Donate Unwanted Items

That stained sofa in the corner, or that old and bulky tv you barely use? Consider donating these items to an area thrift store rather than storing them over your summer break. Remember this – you are working with a finite space, so you will want to avoid moving and storing any items you might not want when coming back from break. This is also an excellent opportunity to make some extra cash before you head home. Post your unneeded items on campus message boards, or on local marketplaces. These unneeded items might not be worth much, but your goal is to free up storage space, so any extra money made is a bonus.

Avoid Downsizing Your Unit – Pick the Right Size for Your Storage Needs

As a potentially broke college student it might be tempting downsizing your storage unit to save some extra cash. Still, there is nothing more frustrating than running out of storage space mid-move. Avoid this hassle and size-up when choosing your storage unit. The price difference is negligible, and you will be thankful for the extra space come moving day. In a recent article highlighting summer storage tips for college students, moving.com notes that a 5×5 storage unit should be sufficient for a single dorm room or one-bedroom apartment, and that a 5×10 storage unit should suffice for a two or three-bedroom apartment. Use these sizing references as a guide to what size you should consider. Additionally, Stortropolis Self-Storage offers a convenient storage calculator to help determine the amount of space you will need. Feel secure in picking out your storage unit!

Avoid Clutter – Organize Your Storage Unit for Easier Access

Put some thought into your storage unit layout. Pack and store items such as textbooks and seasonal clothing toward the front of your unit for quick and easy access. Additionally, you might want to consider creating an inventory checklist. Utilize proper packing materials such as bubble wrap and furniture blankets, and be sure to label all boxes loaded into your storage unit. You should also pack vertically – use larger boxes as your base and place any smaller and more lightly packed boxes on top. Come visit Stortropolis Self-Storage today for all your moving and packing supplies!

Stortropolis Self-Storage – Locations in Missouri and Kansas

Stortropolis Self-Storage is your premier stop for affordable state college storage units in the Kansas and Missouri areas. These locations conveniently offer month-to-month rentals – this is the perfect feature for any students at Rockhurst University, or the nearby Kansas University. Additional amenities include temperature-controlled storage units, secure gated access, and the convenience of packing and moving supplies sold onsite. Come visit us today for all of your storage needs!
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