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Where can you find RV storage in Kansas City, MO? You do not always have room for your extra vehicles around your apartment or house, but that does not mean you have to live without them. StorTropolis Self-Storage has five convenient locations in the Greater Kansas City area that offer indoor boat and RV storage. Keep your most prized possessions covered and protected during winter months!

All About Boat & RV Storage in Kansas City, MO

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Storing Your RV

Different RV Sizes

When you go to store a vehicle, especially indoors, be careful to give your vehicle ample room in the parking space. You do not want to accidentally rent a space that is too small, so it is best to understand ahead of time what RV classification yours falls under, so you can properly figure out the storage space necessary. This will also help you do proper research when it comes to preparing your RV for storage.

Class A
These are the largest RVs. They can fit multiple people and usually include amenities that you would find in a house. Class A RVs can be up to 45 feet long and usually need to be stored in a specified RV storage facility.
Class B
The smallest RVs are Class B. They are the size of vans with the camper part usually built onto the back. Class B RVs can be up to 30 feet long.
Class C
Class C RVs can also be up to 30 feet. They are usually a little larger than Class Bs and include a lot of the amenities of a Class A.

Prepping Your RV for Storage with StorTropolis Self-Storage

  • Wash your RV. Inside and out. Dust and dirt will stick to an already-dirty vehicle. And you do not want bugs, critters, or mold finding their way into your cabinets because of crumbs or leftover food.
  • Inflate your tires. Cold air pressure can deflate them throughout the winter.
  • Tank care. Properly clean through your septic and freshwater tanks to disinfect them and wash them out.
  • Lubricate moving parts.
  • Cover RV and tired with a breathable cover if you are storing outside.
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Storing Your Boat

Just like your RV, there are steps to take before you should cover and leave your boat in our storage. Proper precautionary measures before storing allow for fewer touch-up steps when it is time to take your boat out of storage.

Prepping Boat for Storage with StorTropolis Self-Storage

  • Inspect your boat for any damage. This includes checking for cracks, leaks, or other problems that could cause further damage if left unattended.
  • Remove fluids and add an antifreeze product. Also drain anywhere else that would have water stored, such as a shower and hoses.
  • Remove the transom drain plug.
  • Prep the fuel system.
  • Service your boat’s engine. This includes changing the oil, spark plugs, and filters.
  • Thoroughly dry your boat. This will help to prevent mildew and mold growth.
  • Clean boat and cover. Your future self will thank you for the thorough cleaning and fresh wax when you see how well your boat holds up.

StorTropolis Self-Storage Boat & RV Storage

All StorTropolis Self-Storage locations have indoor boat and RV storage close to Kansas City, MO. Our Blue Springs, MO, facility offers indoor parking up to 14×50 feet, while the other four offer only slightly smaller spaces. If you need help determining the right size storage unit for what you are looking to store, call our office to speak to one of our experts. Rent or reserve boat and RV storage with StorTropolis Self-Storage!
Looking for additional storage space? You are in luck. StorTropolis Self-Storage can handle all of your storage needs, from vehicle storage to long-term storage of your household items. Our climate-controlled storage units maintain a constant temperature and humidity range to ensure your belongings get the utmost protection against any kind of Missouri weather. Figure out the best space for your situation with the help of our extensive list of self storage tips. Start storing with us today!
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