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Moving soon? StorTropolis Self-Storage has four storage facilities in the Kansas City area to help you organize your belongings. We are experienced in helping our tenants move, and we are equipped with all the features necessary for your items. You can even save on storage when you refer a friend to StorTropolis Self-Storage. This year, large numbers were moving away from the city, especially at the start of the pandemic. We looked at some of the reasons people were moving.

Why City Residents Left Town During the Pandemic

  1. Cost of Living. New York, Chicago, and San Francisco saw the most people move away in the beginning of the pandemic. Coincidentally, they are also some of the most expensive cities to live in.
  2. Proximity to Family and Friends. When state governments started imposing restrictions and lockdowns, many people were nervous about when they would be able to see their families again and their safety. Some decided to temporarily move in with family or friends for support.
  3. Safety Precautions. Crowded cities can be a difficult environment for social distancing. Some chose to leave the city for their own safety, especially if they happened to be immunocompromised.
StorTropolis Self-Storage’s Refer a Friend Deal
Looking for a new home? Stortropolis Self-Storage can help you move by providing secure and affordable storage to house your items as you settle in. We have four self storage facilities around Kansas City for you to choose from: Blue Springs, Brighton, Shawnee, and Tiffany Springs. All our storage units are climate controlled to give your items the best possible care. Call or stop by the StorTropolis Self-Storage facility closest to you to talk to a professional about what we can do for you, and refer a friend to each get $50 off your rental. Or rent your Kansas City storage online!

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