Shed Organization Tips for Simple Home Storage

Need help organizing your home? Whether it is storage space or tips to organize your home, StorTropolis Self-Storage can help. Our shed organization tips will work when sorting through your garage and shed. These commonly asked questions will give you useful answers for your home storage needs.
Where can I store propane and paint supplies?
If your shed is the place for all projects, the propane tank and paint may have made their home there, but it is really the best spot for these items. Storing flammable items close to home may be risky, so instead store them outside, away from any structures.
Fluctuating temperatures can cause the paint to separate and be unusable. Keep paint cans in the basement or move them to the storage unit.
What is the best floor design for my shed?
First, come up with a plan for your space based on the activities you want to do. If you want to park your car in the garage, designate a space. Use your walls for even more real estate. Make shelves or purchase wire shelving units to secure on the wall.
Can storage space help me?
Yes! Use self-storage to keep large furniture out of the way and looking its best. Our extra space is secure and offers the perfect size for every storer’s needs.
What is an easy way to store garden tools?
Most of the gardening tools you need on the move. Repurpose an old golf bag to store some essentials or set up shop outside the shed with gardeners bench.
Whether you are cleaning up the garage so you can park the car or you want more space for your projects, these common questions for garage and shed organization tips will get you moving in the right direction. Rent a storage unit now at any of our 3 StorTropolis Self-Storage locations.

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