Boxes and More Storage Supplies for Sale!

Do you know where the best place is to rent self storage around Kansas City MO? Stortropolis Self-Storage! With four locations around the city equipped with storage units and storage supplies, Stortropolis is your one-stop storage destination. Find the location closest to you to get started!

1. Keep Storage Supplies Handy for Packing

You do not have to lose your scissors and tape every time you attempt to pack up a room. We know they usually get lost in the chaos, but there is a way to keep them in sight. Put together a bag of tools and storage supplies necessary for packing, so you can always access it easily when you need it. To stock up on storage supplies, swing by one of our office locations! During October, a percentage of your storage supplies sale will be donated to Susan G. Komen to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month and everyone who has been affected by the disease.

2. Pack Boxes in an Organized Fashion (Your Way)

The best way to pack is your way. Come up with a packing system that makes sense to you. Then implement your plan and stick to it. Some people choose to label their boxes with the room and contents. Other people may write all the contents in a notebook and color code the boxes to differentiate them. It does not matter how you choose to do this step. It just matters that it helps you remember where your items are.

Finding Storage Supplies at Stortropolis Self-Storage

Do you live or work in the Kansas City area? Stortropolis Self-Storage has four locations close to you that offer storage units and storage supplies to the community. Our self storage units are temperature controlled, and you can rent yours online now. First, browse the available storage units at the location nearest to you!

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